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Our BSc (Hons) Psychology degree offers an ideal foundation if you are aiming to become a practising psychologist or for other employment routes including human resources, marketing, research or media and communications. It will provide you with a sound foundation in all the key areas of psychology and specialist fields including cognitive, biological, developmental, social, clinical, health, organisational, forensic psychology and neuroscience.

The programme is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and provides eligibility for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).

The BSc (Hons) Psychology degree is awarded by BPP University.

Key Information

  • Our lecturers are academic experts in psychology with strong research profiles
  • Develop professional, intellectual, methodological and practical skills using real-world scenarios
  • All our lectures are pre-recorded and viewable and downloadable online for your flexibility
  • External career talks from practising psychologists in specialist fields
  • Experience problem-based learning and practical application in our interactive workshops
  • Gain knowledge and capabilities in areas of psychology including; clinical, health, educational, forensic and organisational areas
  • Internships and research training available with charities or health services
  • Bespoke three-year career planning for our students

Your degree

During the first two stages of the programme, you will be exposed to all core areas of psychology in order to shape your knowledge and understanding. This will enable you to make an informed decision about a specialist route in the final year and for your future studies, as well as giving you the opportunity to explore different possibilities within particular fields.

The final stage of the programme offers you a choice of specialist routes in some of the most popular areas of psychology including clinical, health and neuroscience, organisational and forensic. Our BSc (Hons) Psychology programme will also prepare you for a wide range of career possibilities by enabling you to develop professional skills transferable to many different vocational settings.

How the BSc (Hons) Psychology is taught

Our BSc (Hons) Psychology programme is taught by research-active staff through a mix of lecturer-led presentations, student-led sessions and discussions, work in small groups and student presentations, as well as independent learning and project work.

Please note - If at any point during your programme you switch from full-time/part-time to mixed-mode, you may no longer be eligible for government funding. Also if you change the speed of your part-time study, you will be required to notify the Student Loans Company as changing modes or the speed at which you complete your studies will have fee or student funding implications.

Lectures and seminars

Your weekly lectures will be delivered by way of pre-recorded lectures, presentations, or podcasts that can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in preparation for weekly classroom-based seminars. Lectures are accessible in a variety of formats making them available via computer, smartphone (e.g. iPhone or mp3 player).

Lectures last for one hour and cover the core information relevant to each week of study.

Small group seminars

Each lecture will be accompanied by a two-hour weekly classroom-based seminar in small groups, where you will discuss the content of the lecture. Here, you will take part in various tasks which will enable you to reflect on advanced topics covered in the lecture and apply knowledge to real-world settings.

Teaching hours

Throughout your programme, there are 12 contact hours a week, including online lectures, and you are expected to do additional work to prepare for and consolidate each session by way of independent study.

Participation and student interaction

At BPP University, there is an emphasis on participation and student interaction. Your lecturer is a learning facilitator and students are expected to contribute questions and ideas, and even lead parts of seminar sessions. In this way, ideas can best be examined, defended, justified and reflected upon.

Career-oriented skills

The BSc (Hons) Psychology programme will enable you to develop career-oriented skills such as:

  • Collecting, analysing and presenting information
  • Working with other people
  • Quantitative application
  • Research methodology
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving

In addition to acquiring an in-depth understanding of all the main fields of psychology, you will also be encouraged to apply this knowledge to real-world settings and scenarios through seminar tasks, written work and group projects.

The BSc (Hons) Psychology will also give you the foundation for further post-graduate training in specialist branches of applied psychology including clinical, occupational, forensic and educational psychology, as well as applied research.

An emphasis is placed on personal and professional development enabling you to develop academic, personal and professional skills that will prepare you for employment through a number of potential career paths including:

  • Human resources
  • Communication and the media
  • Research
  • Public relations
  • Industry and management
  • Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Health and social services
  • The Probation Service
  • The Civil Service

Real-world activities

As the BSc (Hons) Psychology programme is designed to be your first step towards a career as a psychologist, classroom scenarios are based on real-world activities that make your learning directly relevant to practice.

You will participate and work in groups to design psychological research projects as part of your research methods modules. In the last stage of your studies, you will work individually to complete an extended psychology research project on a topic of your choice. This has the potential to result in original findings that will add to your knowledge and understanding of the topic and could lead to publication.

During this time, you will attend a series of seminars which cover topics that will assist you in completing your final year of academic work successfully and to the highest academic standard, which will also provide you with a number of transferable key skills essential to a successful career.

Postgraduate training

Your knowledge of the subject will make you eligible for entry into any field which is normally open to psychology graduates, or for any further postgraduate training you may want to pursue. A number of psychology graduates undertake further postgraduate training in areas of psychology such as educational or occupational psychology, health and clinical psychology and forensic psychology.


Exams take place in the academic environment and you will need to be successful in order to achieve your BSc (Hons) Psychology. A range of assessment methods is used, including:

  • Written exams
  • Essays
  • Group presentations
  • Project reports

The Assessment Strategy for the BSc (Hons) Psychology is designed to provide you with a variety of vocationally-oriented challenges. It provides you with opportunities to:

  • Work in groups and be assessed informally
  • Develop group skills and interpersonal skills
  • Carry out wider reading and research and the development of academic skills
  • Build a body of knowledge and understanding that can be applied with relevance, confidence and sound judgment to aid analysis and decision-making
  • Focus on current areas of psychological study and research

You will receive written and verbal feedback throughout your degree to help keep you on track.

BPP University Psychology research

The Psychology Department at BPP University conducts research under three main themes. These are:

  • Psychology of Health and Illness
  • Social, Political and Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology

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